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Elections Lesson 1.3

Congress for Kids – Elections 1.1

READ a direction. DO a direction

1.    Go to Mrs. E’s Links 

2.    Click on this icon under Social Studies 

3.    On the LEFT –Click on  ELECTIONS

4.    In the MIDDLE—Click on Learn About Elections

5.    You will do these THREE activities—ONE at a time.  (5th only need to do the first TWO.)

 You will read about them AND then do the

 for each one.  

After you take your Word Spy Quiz, raise your hand and show Mrs. Elliott your grade.  Your 3 grades together will add up to a possible 100 points.

6.    IF you finish ALL 3 activities, be sure you have finished your Back to School Essay AND your portfolio cover (TPS 4.0 lesson).  You may then go on to # 7.

7.    Choices:  Typing Time, Free Rice, VocabAhead or any link on Mrs. Elliott’s Links Page.