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Lesson 1

4th-8th Grade—Lesson 1.1

Welcome to the Computer Lab.  If this is your first time in the Computer Lab, Mrs. Elliott will give you extra help.  We are glad to have you at “The Creek.”

1.  .  Keyboarding—Typing Time—this is a program on the desktop—a little purple man icon—If your name is there sign in as YOU.  IF not, sign in as a guest. You will type for 10 minutesTime yourself using the clock on the bottom right corner of your desktop.

2. TPS--Print Shop--Make a cover for your portfolio.  It must have your first and last name,

your grade, and your teacher.

Anyone who has completed #2--Go on to # 3

# 3  Open WORD.  Begin typing 3 paragraphs about your first week of school at BCES this year. Mrs. Elliott will take your picture to insert into your document.If you have completed # 3, go on to # 4.—Earn 500 points in any subject(s).  Raise your hand to show Mrs. Elliott your score.

5.  Quizlet.comSearch for “markovit” and then look for Computer Parts. 12 Terms LEARN the terms and then play Scatter. THEN take a TEST.  Show Mrs. Elliott your grade.

6. Appropriate FREE time.