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Lesson 4.0

Lesson 4.0

READ a direction, then DO a direction.

1.     Typing Time—Time yourself for 10 minutes.

2.    Open TPS—The Print Shop

3.    Click on the RED X to close those choices.  You will then see a blank portrait page.

4.    On the left side Choose “Text Tools” & then “Insert Headline.”

5.    Type your first AND last name in the box.

6.   You may then choose the way you want it to look by choosing a style below.  Do NOT worry about color, because we will be printing in black & white.

7.    Then click OK & your name will appear on the page.  You may SIZE it (click & drag corners) or MOVE it (hold down the plus arrows & move your name.)

8.   Repeat step # 4, but put your GRADE & your TEACHER’s name in the headline. Example: 7th McBrayer

9.   Finally, put some pictures on your page. On the left choose “Art and Photos” and “Insert Art and Photos.”

10. Click on RESET to get a blank to type in. 

11.  Choose a picture about YOU—your favorite food, sport, hobby… Example:  Type in “dog” and then choose “Go.” When you find the picture you want, you DOUBLE Click on it to put it on your page.

12. Repeat # 11 to insert 2 more pictures.

13. When you have finished, raise your hand and Mrs. Elliott will check it.      If you have followed directions carefully, we will print TWO copies.  One will be the cover sheet for your folder and you may take the other copy home with you. 

14. Summary:  first & last name, grade, teacher, 3 pictures