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May 2013 Click on Collage to Enlarge ! Enjoy!!

         Geocaching on May 21, 2013 

 Geocaching on May 21, 2013


        8th Grade Field Trip--Gatlinburg                   Guitar Hero in the Computer Lab

"Annie" from the Talent Show

Practice Typing so YOU can beat Mrs. Elliott's speed.

GeoCaching with Latitude & Longitude
GPS Madness


              Miss Bethany ROCKS the house!                         Nurse Gina & the Faculty Kids

      Bobcat Press      
           Bobcat Press Staff
      Sponsors: Ms. Crowe & Mrs. Elliott                            
Guitar Hero and Hackers

8th Grade Computer Lab Antics

Future SHS Ensemble Members

Some of our SHS Color Guard Members

GeoCaching with Mrs. Elliott

GeoCaching with Mrs. Elliott

Guitar Hero and iPad Island

Science & Library
Science Bubbles AND Library Game Day
Mrs. Tompson & Mrs. Loveday

Social Studies Fair
Social Studies Fair
Ms. Mac & Mr. Ballew

Frog Legs
Frog Legs Fun with Mrs. Loveday

Mrs. Nancy Sims's Class
4-H Gold Banner Club for BCES

Guitar Hero in the Computer Lab