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Power Point 4th-5th

Power Point Lesson 5

4th-5thth  Grade

        1.     Open Power Point—If there is NOT an icon on the desktop, go to the START menu,  ALL Programs, Microsoft Office  and click on Power Point.

        2.    Name the first “slide” with your name

        To add a new slide you can do “Control + m” OR   INSERT New Slide

        Get ALL the typing finished first.

       3.     Your Slides—SUGGESTIONS—your family may require different slides

1.     Title—Your name

2.     My Parents—together or 2 or more slides

3.     My Siblings—one OR more slides

4.     My Grandparents

5.     My Pets

6.     My Hobbies

7.     Interesting Facts About Me

        AFTER you get your information in your document Mrs. Elliott will show you how to do slide formats, transitions, and animations.