TeleMed /S.M.A.R.T. program

This SMART system is unique to Sevier County Schools as of 2008. Other counties in Tennessee and other states have begun to implement similar programs in their schools. This is another option to help meet the health care needs of our school children. This system is to be used in cooperation with a Primary Doctor’s care &/or to access a Primary Care Provider. The TeleMed visits are NOT meant to replace regular medical care and physicals by a local MD.

Common Childhood Illnesses That TeleMed can Diagnose and Treat:

                           *Chicken Pox                            *Strep throat

                           *Fifth’s Disease                        *Flu-Type a & B

                           *Sinus infection                      *Impetigo/Scabies

                           *Ear infections                        *Persistant/recurrent Lice



 The school nurse will notify guardian if she suspects one of the following illnesses and offer the opportunity to see the Nurse Practioner thru the Telemed program. The TeleMed equipment CANNOT be used unless the parent/guardian has given prior written consent (SMART form) AND verbal consent at the time the student presents to the clinic for a complaint or issue. The Nurse Practioner and school nurse examine and assess the student using a specialized camera, stethoscope, ENT scope, and high-definition camera. The Nurse Practioner can diagnose illnesses and prescribe treatment (medication prescriptions can be faxed or called to pharmacy of choice). We are certified to perform Rapid Strep and Rapid Flu tests in the clinic if ordered by TeleMed Nurse Practioner.