Don't miss out on our upcoming BOOK FAIR

October 5 - 10

Click on the image below for more information about the book fair
and how you can shop and buy your books online.

Thank you to everyone who has linked their
Food City and Kroger Cards to the school. 
Thanks to your support, this year we have been able to add a fence around the
playground. The cover and picnic tables  were also purchased over the past two years
 using Food City Bucks and Kroger Community School Rewards.

If you have not linked your rewards card to the school please do so by clicking on the stores above. (It does not take away from your own rewards points.)


BCES Mission Statement

B Build an environment which promotes academic and social growth

C Create respectful, productive citizens

E Encourage personal and academic responsibility

S Support students in reaching their individual potential

BCES Vision

We believe that through a vital partnership of students, parents, community, and staff we will promote an environment encouraging student achievement. It is our goal that all students reach their academic potential in order to become productive citizens.


August 14
 Inservice for teachers
 Student Orienation
Kindergarten 5-6pm
1st-8th Grade 6-7pm

August 15
 Admin Day for teachers

August 16
 First Day of School

August 21


September 1

September 4