BCES will be hosting a 5K/10K race on Saturday April 18th, 2015, called
the DECADE DASH.  This race will follow the same course we used during the
Tattoos & Tutus race in November.  We have also added a new element on our completed track, A Color the Creek Family Walk.
    We invite all to participate in either the race or Family Color Walk.  There is a
$20 entry fee for each event, and both events include a t-shirt.  There will also be medals for the 5K/10K race. We encourage racers to dress in their favorite decade attire.  Click on the picture above for registration forms. Please fill out the forms and return them to school with your check by April 3rd to reserve your t-shirt.

4 BASIC things to do to Avoid the Flu:

1. Frequent Hand-washing (especially before eating)
2. Avoid touching T-Zone (eyes,nose, mouth)
3. Do not sneeze/cough onto hands (use tissue or inner elbow)
4. Flu Shot
If  your child does get the flu , do not return to school until he/she is fever free  WITHOUT  fever reducing medication (like Tylenol. Motrin, etc.) for at least 24 hours and improved overall symptoms (eating well , only a mild cough, and no aches , and restored activity level). If a child still has a temperature, he/she is still highly contagious. IF a child returns before  improved, he/she is at risk of developing a secondary infections such as pneumonia, bronchitis, etc.

Head Lice 1011

Head Lice are mostly spread from head to head contact -for example during play at home or school, slumber parties, sports activities or camp. It is possible, but not common, for lice to spread by contact with items such as hats,carves,clothing,etc.
Head lice move by crawling, they do not jump or fly. They do not transmit disease, but they can spread easily. 
Please inspect your child's hair and scalp on a regular basis for signs of lice.  If you discover your child has lice, please contact your child's primary health provider. There are over the counter treatment shampoos available as well as prescription treatments. Follow the treatment instructions carefully. Some treatment are for wet hair and some for dry hair. Some treatments require an repeat application 7-10 days later.Continue to check you child's scalp after treatments as well. For pictures and more information click link below to Head Lice 101:

Inline image 1
Student Council is selling car magnets for $8.00.
If you are interested in purchasing a magnet just send a check or cash
with your child to give to their teacher (K-2) or homeroom teacher (3 – 8).
The size of the magnet is 5.75” X 5.75”

Keep up with Boyds Creek Elementary 
clubs, and sporting activities.
Click on the planet to sign up.

BCES Mission Statement

B Build an environment which promotes academic and social growth

C Create respectful, productive citizens

E Encourage personal and academic responsibility

S Support students in reaching their individual potential

BCES Vision

We believe that through a vital partnership of students, parents, community, and staff we will promote an environment encouraging student achievement. It is our goal that all students reach their academic potential in order to become productive citizens.



April 13-17

Social Studies Test

April 16-17
Kindergarten Screening

March 21
5th Six Weeks

March 22
DARE Graduation 8:15am (gym)

March 28
5th six Weeks
Grade Cards go out


May 4-8

TCAP Assessment

May 11
5th grade

May 13
Field Day

May 14
Fun & Fitness Day
5th grade

May 15
Track and Field Day

May 18
Field Day
7th/8th Grade

May 19
Field Day
5th/6th Grade

May 20
Field Day
3rd/4th Grade
5th Grade
Academic Field Day
7th/8th Grade

May 21
Field Day
1st/2nd Grade

May 22
Talent Show
K-4 grade - 9am
5-8 grade - 1pm

May 25

May 28
Kindergarten Program - 9am
8th Grade
Graduation - 1pm

May 29
Teacher's Admin Day
No School for Students


June 2

Last Day of School
1/2 day

June 3
Teacher's Inservice