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      Immunization Reminder for Fall 2014-15
      All Kindergarten and 7th grade students for Fall 2014-15 must submit an official
      "TN Certificate of Immunization" to the school office BEFORE attending class.
      If an update TN Certificate of Immunization is not on file at the school the child
      may not attend classes until this requirement is completed. 

      New  students registering from Out of State have 30 days to obtain this document and return a copy to the school office.
      Please make appointments for immunizations with your local healthcare provider, health department or pharmacy.
      Ask for an official "TN Certificate of Immunization" for school records
      from your healthcare provider, local health department or local pharmacy.

      Sevier Co Health Department Walk-In Immunization Clinic:

      Thursday, August 7th and Friday, August 14th 8 AM - 4:30 PM
      3 items you Must Bring:
      Up to date Immunizations record
      Insurance Cards
      Social Security Card

      Charges : If no health insurance or insurance coverage for vaccines - administration fee up to $20 for each immunization 
      TennCare or BCBS (networks S,P,and E only) - insurance will be filed.
      If insurance covers immunizations: Payment for vaccine required
      (Tdap =$56.27, varicella = $118.76, IPV- $46.53, Hep A - $47.74, MMR- $74.20)

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      BCES Mission Statement

      B Build an environment which promotes academic and social growth

      C Create respectful, productive citizens

      E Encourage personal and academic responsibility

      S Support students in reaching their individual potential

      BCES Vision

      We believe that through a vital partnership of students, parents, community, and staff we will promote an environment encouraging student achievement. It is our goal that all students reach their academic potential in order to become productive citizens.



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